Eisenhower’s Grand Daughter Supports Obama – So What?

August 13, 2008

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Going through my RSS feeds this morning I came across an article, “Ike’s Granddaughter Calls Obama ‘Future of America‘”.  My first thought was good for her.  My second thought was who cares?  What I don’t want to get into is the meat of the article for a moment, let’s look at the headline.   Anyone vaguely aware of presidential politics should be aware that Ike is referring to Eisenhower.   What does his granddaughter have to do with anything.   Why should can claim she is an Eisenhower Republican that doesn’t means she has the same values as Ike.   I don’t really have a care who she supports or her political beliefs, but the fact that because she is Ike’s grand daughter seems to make this news.

My grandfather sold tractors, I don’t particulary like tractors – if a tractor blog going to print “Martin’s grandson predicts tractor sales are dead?”  I don’t think so.

Personally I’m waiting on  the “George Washington’s Distant Cousin Gives McCain a Big Thumbs Up” article.   If I’m really lucky the “Jefferson’s Great Great Great Grandson marries Ben Franklin’s Great Great Great Great Grand Daughter at the Ron Paul Rally” article.   Once again it means nothing.

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