Why I’m Not Voting for President

August 13, 2008

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While the first thing I could say about why I’m not voting for president would be easy.   It’s the excuse I’ve used for years, I think the electoral college has co-opted the ideal of a true democracy.   We’ve been able to rise to the point with technologies and communications that one person equals one vote can actually mean something in this country.   While we do have a representative government this by no means equates to a need to a representative voting across the board.   Once the electoral college is abolished in his current state, and it becomes just an agency that overseas the election results and verifies them – then we can free and open elections that can actually give power to the people.   Currently in a multitude of scenarios your vote doesn’t matter.   Are you a republican in a 90% democrat voting district – sorry your vote doesn’t count outside of the district.  Your a democrat in a republican district?  Same sorry luck for you.  One vote for over person should mean something.

The second reason I could say is that neither candidates that I wanted received their nominations.   Yes I supported one from each party and at this point who they were doesn’t matter (Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich), since I won’t get a chance to vote for either of them, I may be registered as a republican but I would vote for whoever holds my closest ideals.   Unfortunately the ones I wanted aren’t coming along for the ride.

The real reason?  Well we compound the first two reasons and come up with another.   I don’t like any of the candidates.  Some people would say since I’m not going to vote that I don’t have a say.  That I can’t complain about who wins.   I call bull on that.   I have every right to my opinion and will voice it.   I don’t think I should be forced to decide who I hate the least to run the country to be a good citizens.  If your candidates gives you something you can identify with and something you can believe in – I congratulate you and encourage you to vote.   My non vote is my own way of expressing my opinion – I encourage you not to vote also if you feel you are choosing between the lesser of two evils instead of the greater of two goods (which is how it should be).

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