Google Calendar Rant – It Needs More Features

August 14, 2008

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Previously I railed against Google Docs and my issues with them there, now it’s the Google Calendar‘s Team that I’m having issues with.   I want to love Gcal.  I really truly and deeply do.   I do love it more then Microsoft Outlook‘s Calendar, but that is still an issue since it doesn’t have complete integration with Microsoft Exchange.  I have however recently configure my Outlook calendar to sync with Gcal with a nifty tool Google released.  For that I bless them.  No more hacks or work arounds, or siphoning data through Plaxo to get this going.   I still use Plaxo, but I don’t need a desktop client for it anymore, it replicates the back end internet data now.

Now I’ve said everything (well not really but I spoke nice about them) that I like about Gcal.  Let’s look at some of the things I want.  The first thing that I have always wanted was the ability to import RSS feeds into to Gcal.  I’m not talking news feeds that I want to read, but personal lifestreaming data that I can track about myself.  I should be able to use Google Calendar as a personal diary of events, but this leads to a lot of back tracking because of the manual work this would cause.

Another option that would allow me to deal with the fact that I can not import RSS feeds would be allow us to send in events via E-mail.  You allows us to send in events via SMS (which I don’t use since i don’t pay for  an SMS plan) – yet not e-mail?  It’s not really a bandwidth thing since most of your users are probably using Gmail anyways.   I don’t get it.

Final thing I would like, the ability to attach a file (which in reality could be stored in Google Docs) to an event.  Whether it would be a picture (ok this would be Picasaweb for storage) or a presentation, this would lead to a more organized life for business users making a transition.

Give us some killer apps, you have us as users, now keep us.   Show us some love.

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