The Time I Thought I Was Related to Spider-Man

August 20, 2008

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You know those moments when your a kid and you find something that you can do that you think is extraordinary?   I had one of those moments and it dealt with climbing walls.  I was so convinced it was extraordinary that I thought I had been bitten my a mutant spider.  I think it helped that I was into Spider-Man at the time thanks to the Electric Company.

My super power was being able to climb walls, literally.   In the townhouse I grew up in (it was called a condomimium, but I don’t really think it was a condo) the walls in the stairwell were close enough together that I could shimmy up the walls by putting a set of hands and feet on both sides.   My grandmother’s house was the same way.   I’m sure having a child somewhere between 5-8 years old literally climbing the walls of the house was enough to run my family up the walls themselves.

They spent hours trying to convince me that I wasn’t related to Spider-Man.  I also remember them not being happy about scrubbing footprints off the wall at eye level.  Somewhere along this time frame I also managed to get a picture of myself on Spider-Man’s lap taken at Midway Mall in Elyria.   I had that picture for years, but for some reason it’s now missing :(.

I do remember attempting to fly and levitate for years, but I wasn’t as successful as I was at being a wall crawler.

3 thoughts on “The Time I Thought I Was Related to Spider-Man

  1. We had a stairway like that, too…although I don't remember thinking I was related to Spiderman. we just thought it was crazy fun.

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