Mac Users are More Smug Then Smart

August 24, 2008

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Most Mac Users, and especially Mac support people think they know more they honestly do.  They think the PC is beneath them, but at the same time don’t understand their own operating system.  They don’t understand the command, and think everything works the same way as it did back in System 7.  When ever they need something done that’s a bit ocmplex or requires command link work they talk to people with unix experience.

This is just a rant and to be fair – Windows only users are stupid and ignorant, Alternative OS users are elitist.   Does that even the odds?

3 thoughts on “Mac Users are More Smug Then Smart

  1. Well, each OS has its advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, we shouldn't make it a rule. I'm used to Windows, I've used Mac. Right now, I prefer Windows 'cause I know how it works, and I don't have a Mad. But I can't speak of linux or unix users.

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