Drafts I Don’t Need No Stinking Drafts

August 26, 2008

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I’ve found that I don’t work well with draft posts.   I stare and stare at them and can’t get the effort to actually finish the post.   So if I do a draft it just stares at me, mocking me, wondering why I can’t finish it.   I punish myself and beat myself up over it.

Recently I’ve worked around this by writing weeks in advance.  If something timely comes in tat I want to write about, that doesn’t stop from writing about it then.  I do know that I have future posts waiting in the wings that will be automatically published.   By doing this it forces me to focus on the writing at the time, instead of coming up with an idea nd pushing it off to a later a date.

Can you work with drafts?

If so how do you stay and clean out those drafts regularly?

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