Out of Date and Unpatched Computers

September 1, 2008

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One of the most interesting things I’ve learned over watching web statistics of my visitors is how many unpatched computers there are out there.    I see a ton of firefox 1.x browsers, Internet Explorer 4, 5, and.   Windows 98, Windows 95, and even Windows ME.   Now some of those I can understand, but Windows Millenium?   Seriously?   I ran windows ME for a whole 48 hours before converting back to WIndows 98SE.

I can only imagine how many of those are completely spyware infested.   Part of the reason I do my best to keep my blog patched, occasionally a virus comes along that will infect web pages.  I will always do my best to keep that from happening by visiting any of my sites.  Graned some of the sites I crosspost to I can’t control the patching on, I can only hope their administrators are on the ball with all those obsolete and vulnerable OS’s around.

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