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September 5, 2008

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Harsh Times, another Christian Bale movie.   I love and adore all the acting that Bale does.  This movie however fails to deliver in what I would normally consider the quality level that he normally lives up to.   The movie is slow and sometimes painful to watch.  With Christian Bale I never think twice about purchasing a movie.   I should have done my research though on this one.   Bale plays essentially a street thug that feels his life has fallen apart when he didn’t make it to the LAPD on his last attempt.  He lives the drunken life of a street thug and the violence, while may fit the tone of the movie does not quite gel properly.   The movie feels disjointed and awkward.

Unless your really bored I can’t really recommend this film.

If you don’t believe me buy it now for 9.99 on

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