Movies I Own – Soul Plane

September 6, 2008

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Soul Plane.    I can’t say it’s a great movie.   It’s really a bad movie that I found mildly amusing.  I only purchased this because I got it used for 2.50 from the record exchange.   This was one of those movies that I got because we made fun it of it for being one of the worst ideas for a movie.   There was something from the trailer that I kept repeating to my friends, so when I saw it at the store at a cheap price I had to snag it.  

It was something that may appeal to teenagers more then someone older then 22.  Normal teenage American Pie stoneresque movie, I can’t say I’ve outgrown those types of movies.  I loved Superbad, however watching this was painful and uninteresting. 



If you don’t believe me you can buy it now for 12.99 on Amazon.

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