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September 7, 2008

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When I first saw American Psycho 2 at the store, I went this must be so cool – it’s a sequel to American Psycho how could it be bad.   Well I wouldn’t say it’s the worst movie I’ve ever seen, it’s not a worthy successor to the original.  Mila Kunis (that chick from “That 70’s Show”) plays the lead killer in this movie.   I’m sorry but she can come even within 10 percent of the quality that Christian Bale brought to the original movie.   The movie kind of drags on and I can say that this style of movie is not the best vehicle for Kunis. 

I’m sure they could have picked worse actresses so I won’t say the film is entirely her fault.   The link between this movie and hte original is that Kunis’s character had a babysitter that dated and was attacked by Patrick Bateman in front of her.  She stabs Bateman – fast forward a few years until she is in college.   She studying criminology and eventually becomes a killer.   Gone are the nuances of the original.  The wondering if it was all in her head or real.  This is a straight up B movie slasher film.   It discredits the original by having the link and the title it shares. 



You can buy it now for 8.49 on Amazon.

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