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September 8, 2008

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When I was a kid I loved the movie The Toy.   In this movie Richard Pryor is a toy for a rich man’s (Jackie Gleason)  son.   I think what I enjoyed best as a child is seeing all the toys the kid had, and I thought it would be awesome to hand out with the guy from Superman 2.  Out of Richard Pryor movies that I enjoy as an adult this isn’t at the top of my list.  Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy it, but I prefer Brewster’s Millions more. 

I can say that this is a movie you should share with your pre-teen child.   If they enjoy it as much as I did it would be a nice change of pace for viewing with them.  You can watch  along with them, they might not get all of the humor, but that’s for you to enjoy.  It’s a movie that is actually takes a teenager to fully understand, but once again an enjoyment for a pre-teen to watch. 




You can buy it now for 8.99 at Amazon.

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