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September 10, 2008

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Originally Published at Journey To Get Paid in this article.

We’ve all thought about it.   Why don’t I try one of the services that pay me for each post I do.  I only have to write about something I know nothing about and make it seem convincing.  Yeah, right.   There is more to it then that.   I’m not going to call out all services or their designs, but at the same time, they are bunk.

They don’t want to be black listed for spamming themselves so they are calling you out to do it for them.   Normally you would get anywhere from 2.50-5.00 for the privilege of doing this for them.  So for 5.00 you’ve lowered your integrity.   I can understand if your blogging about cruises or vacation providers if you have a travel blog, if you have a personal blog though it’s kind of transparent.

Looking through the benefits and pitfalls of getting in bed with one of these services, I would recommend becoming an Amazon Affiliate – at least there you can make residual income on a blog post that should add up to more then 5.00 for the right item.

Originally Published at Journey To Get Paid in this article.

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