Blackouts Suck

September 15, 2008

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Yesterday during a windstorm we lost power. Well since my wife was out all day, it’s more apt to say that I lost power.  It’s alot harder for me these days when I lose power then it was when I was a kid.  The first thing you think of is that it’s ok I have a laptop.

Well the wifi and other hunbs and routers all need electricity – so no internet.

Ok……   I’ll watch a movie on my laptop then, my movies are stored on a powered USB drive……..

How about read a book….we’ll it’s getting dark and I’m not sure where the usable and not decorative candles are……

It’s very annoying to loose power in the digital age.

Also did you ever notice that most of the time the power goes out it’s at night?  That’s doubly annoying.

I then go to pick up Xie from my in-laws, when we get home power was still off and the power had been off in the neighborhood for 5-6 hours.   She lights 3 candles….power returns…………

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