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September 17, 2008

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I originally wrote this for Journey to Get Paid published here.

It seems more and more of my past associates and friends are starting businesses, mostly ones dealing with a tech front. You have Shea who seems to be starting a a new business model for something every week. Most of his stuff deals with blogging or enviromental concerns such as wind energy. He works for himself and his latest venture deals with making t-shirts.

I have another friend who just left his current cozy job to do a security company with a partner. He’s planned this for months so it’s not a phantom leap in the dark. I am however very impressed – now if I could only find a partner to do a similar thing here in the midwest.

Finally a friend from Oregon contacted me to ask me questions on kiosks. It turns out he started an eco friendly baby item website. Of course I think there should be a blog attached to it, but he has his own online business which he said is going well. (btw use the coupon code BRENTSPAWN there to get 5% off).

I’m interested and ecstatic about new media. New media however for someone like me doesn’t pay the bills. Until I can figure out how to successfully monetize my activities I’ll have to keep my normal boring day job.

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