Palin Hacker Is Not Indicted …So Far……

September 23, 2008

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According to, the hacker who last week broke into Palin’s e-mail account has left the grand jury without an indictment.   Now the real question I have, how does a crime with such national exposure and high profile as this one go without punishment?

The only logical thing I can come up with is they snagged the wrong kid.  If they don’t have the wrong that doesn’t mean he won’t be indicted (which he should be), it just means more evidence needs to be presented.

I’m not saying the kid attempting this coup is wrong (though it is), the proper thing after suceeding would have been informing Palin.  Unfortunately he decided to post the login information on an online forum.  At that point is when all hell broke loose.

Since I just wrote about DHS pre-crime detector which shows if the the subject is being deceitful or is planning on doing something, I wonder if they are aiming it at this kid as he leaves the courtroom?

No Indictment Against Palin Hacker | Threat Level from

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