Pop-up Study Proves Users Will Click Anything

September 23, 2008

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People in the security world were all pretty sure that users never paid attention to dialog boxes.   Ars Technica printed information about a study performed North Carolina State University that proves that the security professionals were correct.  Most users only want to get rid of the immediate annoyance and don’t read what is happening on their screens.

We already know most people don’t read their end user license agreements – but come on.  How many fake windows dialog banner ads do you need to load and have bad things happen to your computer before you learn.   Unlike other childhood cause and effect lessons, we don’t lear clicking the button is bad like the stove is hot when we get burned.   There is a mantra I’ve always enjoyed, “If Stupidity Can’t Hurt, Then It Should Cost”.   I’m rather happy that most users that click and click and click to punch the monkey or get rid of fake banners hads more then likely spend hundreds of dollars keeping their computer in running order after the spyware has had a field day.   I do feel sorry for their family members that have to fix it for free though……

For More information click the link below (Ars Technica)

Fake popup study sadly confirms most users are idiots

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