GU Comics Talks About Double Standard and Irony

October 24, 2008

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GU Comics by: Woody Hearn

The above image is from the latest comic from GU Comics.   The irony is that I was having this conversation with Xie last night.  I haven’t logged into the game for a few days, but she gave me her story of what happened to her, and I read it about it yesterday at work.    I still don’t understand how an Undead can be turned into a Zombie.   I’ve also had an issue with being able to Rez and undead.   I don’t understand how it can be done or the logistics around it.   Blizzard has shown we’re not zombies, are we original bad rezs that cna’t be truly brought back?   Why isn’t there a 1 and million chance every time you die to come back as a more complete being.   The healers can’t all be that bad.

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