My Grandmother Hurt Herself Last Week

October 31, 2008

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Last week it seems my grandmother fell and cracked her tail bone. No one told me. I’m am very unhappy about that. My sister told me last night at the VCMA practice. I had stopped by my grandparent’s house last night before practice, but no one was home. I then stopped over at one of my sister’s apartments, no one home. Then I went ot another sister’s apartment, no one home. I though it strange, but let it go.

Then practice started, my youngest sister showed up (she plays saxophone in the band), and told me the news. On the drive back to my mother’s to drop her off (I don’t get out of the car), my grandfather called me. I asked if they were going to be awake, he said yes, so I rushed over there.

My grandmother seems fine, that I’m very happy for. My youngest sister has now be given explicit instructions to call me me immediately any time if she hears that something has happened to either of my grandparents. My mother wants to give me a cradle that my great Aunt Doris (pictured below feeding me) bought for me as a baby.  I’ll take it, she can leave it at my grandparent’s house and I will pick it up.   I don’t know how giving my mother is going to be though when she reads the series I’ve written for next month called “A Month With Mom”.   We’ll see.

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