My Vote Doesn’t Count

November 5, 2008

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At first you may think this post is because Barack Obama won last night, that doesn’t bother me.  I think he’s made history being the first Hawaiian president. We could go on that he’s the first african-american president, but that just puts us back into the same stereotype that made this a battle for him to get to the white house. He had a white parent and a black parent, truly a message to those in the future. Your future is not set by your heritage, but its what you make it yourself.

I knew my candidate wasn’t going to win, I wrote in a name of the only man in the last decade that has soundly spoken to me in politics. That being said I found out yesterday that my vote doesn’t count. Under Ohio state law, if you write in a candidate and that candidate has not registered as a write-in candidate, your vote is dropped and not counted. I legally don’t have a say in the president (or any other position) that has any matter or weight. In theory if everyone except one guy in Ohio performed a write (would never happen), someone could win the state with a total of one vote. This is the anti-thesis of a democracy. Each person is supposed to have one vote and one say.

My choices at the election are limited to candidates that others have decided would be one of the good choices for me to make. I’m not entitled to a true personal opinion. Essentially because I had to waste time to cast a vote that wasn’t counted I did more harm then good. I’m back to not voting ever again, until a politician speaks to me the same way my candidate did.

The people that say if I don’t vote I can’t complain. That is a load of crap. I’ve written about it before and I am writing about it again. Given the information I know now, if I was going to vote again I would do the same thing. Do I still have a say in your mind if I conscientiously write in a vote that I know will be dropped and not counted? I’ll vote for someone I can believe in, you can not tell me I can’t have an opinion or complaint because I don’t have that feeling towards one of the other candidates. You can’t tell me I don’t have a voice because I won’t vote on the lesser of what I consider evils and bad for America.

The ones that have apathy to vote, I can agree with you on. I however will only vote in what I believe in. Those that vote the party line without caring the actual issue or person, they are even worse. For the African -Americans that voted for Obama – I hope you enjoy the man and not the color of his skin. If his skin tone is what made you like him so much more you are wrong. For that voted for McCain because of the color of his skin (or more specifically Obama’s) you are also deeply wrong. The vote should not be about the ethnicity or gender of any candidate, it should not be whether they are republican, democrat, or any other party. It should be a judgment of who the person is. If you however voted for the person that spoke to you, whether you won or lost yesterday you voted correctly. If you voted for the major candidates, you have a voice.

I however, it seems, do not have a voice or a choice. It’s all because I refuse to subjugate myself to not having original thought. I knew I was not making a difference and not causing my candidate to win, but I voted with choice and conviction. I just think it’s wrong that you won’t listen to me, or allow me to have my say when it’s all said and done.

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