A Month With Mom – Part 17 – Dating A Girl Just Like Mom

November 18, 2008

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This one is a day late……

A few months ago I wrote about the girl that was my longest relationship before my wife.  Well this girl was a lot like my mother.  She was very bossy and wanted things a certain way.  She cared about the appearance of things and not the reality.   I don’t want to hash everything I wrote in the other post here again, so I won’t.   Read the link if you want ot hear more about her.

On the other hand, during that whole on again off again relationship, I managed to essentially date and live with a girl just like mom.  It was the relationship from hell, and I’m sure part of me deserved it.  The best thing is after the relationship was over and I was with my future wife I saw how much that girl was like my mother.   It also made me realize how much I’m like my father.   So in turn I realized how much it was never going to work out.

Maybe my anger towards my ex bleeds over to the anger I have my mother (or vice versa).  Who knows.

This wasn’t meant to be a long post, but more of one stating that I did not marry a girl just like mom.  I just dated one.

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