NANOWRIMO Failure Once Again :(

November 19, 2008

by — Posted in Personal Writing

It seems November is just a bad month for me.   I had to change alot of things around to make it as far as I did.  But life happens.  I know that isn’t a true excuse since  there are plenty of other people just as busy as myself that will manage to finish their novels.   I hope to get back and finish this story, but I truly don’t believe I will have it done by the end of the month.   This will mark my third attempt and third failure.   I’ll keep hacking away, but I just don’t see it happening.

On a plus side, I have actualyl written more then 50k words this month within blog articles and other things.   Just haven’t been able ot concentrate it all on the novel.   Maybe next year.  I won’t give up trying, it just may take a few more tries.   I’ll keep you updated, I made it about 10k words in.   Here is to National Novel Writing Month and all those that do manage to complete their stories.

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