Catching Up On Comments and Other House Cleaning

December 30, 2008

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I’m sure some of you have figured with everything going I’ve been lax at getting more stuff up.   Well a new year is coming soon and I’m hoping ot be back on track of at least getting three worth while posts out a day.   I’m also hoping to get a couple of new blogs off the ground (aren’t I always saying that?).    I also have at least two podcasts that I put off because of time that I need to go chase down the interested and plan things out.   This next year is exciting and I have alot of goals.  There is some clean up I need to finish before this year is out.

1.  I need to get the rest of the photos from my father to get scanned.   The one above is one from the start of that set.  Since I didn’t know how to find a topic photo for this random post, I thought that would do.   Yes that is me.   You might think that is make up but I really had black smudges like that on my face for most my life (j/k).

2.  I have a few comments that I need to address.   Two deal with my month of mother that I never finished.   It would almost seem that one of the comments stopped me from going on, that isn’t the case.    I had caught up on my   writing to that day ( I wrote most of it weeks in advance) – I didn’t have the steam to get going anymore – I do have one or two left in me – so maybe tonight I’ll rock those out.

3.  A schedule and a focus for my future writing – I want to get focused and get things going in a well rounded and regulary scheduled fashion.

Look forward to more coming very soon

4 thoughts on “Catching Up On Comments and Other House Cleaning

  1. Best wished for the new year ahead! I hope you get all your writing projects arranged and rearranged to your liking and that it brings you much success!!

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