A Month of Mom – Part 1 – The Background

I previously wrote about an e-mail my mother wrote me, I also mentioned I would follow up on this later.  I guess this is later.   If Yod can write about his family and his problems, I guess it’s my turn.   I am going to attempt to do a post a day about my mother.   Now I could take the road that I was just going to blast every negative thing she’s done to me and my siblings, however I’m not going to do that.   I’m going to mention the good and the bad.   The things that made me stick by her through the problems and the what made me break.

In the end though this isn’t going to be about her.   This is going to be about my inability to deal with her.   I just can’t take it any more.  I don’t have to put myself through any more torture just in the excuse that’s she is family.   I can’t deal with her, god bless my siblings and the rest of my family that can.   I’ve joked with my father (her ex) that he has talked to her more in the last two years then I have, that i still find amusing since they do not get along in any way shape or form.

This is my cartharsis, the way of writing it down and putting it behind me.   I don’t need to deal with the torture and pain anymore.   I don’t need to be in the middle of the he said she said stuff.   I don’t have to not tell this person this thing, but I can tell that person that thing.    Thirty two years of this, I’ve finally said enough.   Enough to dealing with someone who finds herself more important then anyone else.

We’ll see if any of you actually find this interesting.  Whether I’m writing to the oblivion that is the Internet, whether anyone listens.   Whether this matters.

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