Ashland Community Band Concert 4/27/08

The Ashland Community Band played it’s annual spring concert with the Ashland University Concert Band yesterday at the Hugo Young Theatre. As always I played third trumpet in the the performance.  My grandparents showed up to watch the show, outside of seeing me on the Vermilion High School Alumni Band float in the local Vermilion parades, this is the first time they have seen me perform in fourteen years.

Luckily this time the camera work for the video should be better.   A tripod was used and there was no cuts in the performance.   We only recorded the community band, so while it was a dual performance with the Ashland University Concert Band performing second, that was not recorded.

Next week we don’t have rehearsal, so rehearsal will resume on the thirteenth of next month. Our next performance is a Father’s Day Concert in the park at the Ashland Amphitheater. The last performance of the summer will occur the week of the Ashland County Fair, which the Ashland Community Band has been asked to perform at.

I hope you enjoy the show.

If in the crossposting the video does not come through either go to to view it, or you can view it on Google Video right here.

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