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Journey To Get Paid wants to bring you into the world of brand management.

Now the first thing to know as a blogger that you are your brand. Whatever you do positive or negative effects your brand in tremendous ways. It also effects your SEO in a way also, but I’ll get to that towards the end. You have to decide how you want yourself as a blogger to be perceived. If you want a spam blog that may or may not generate yourself a ton of money please stop now because some of the things I’m going to explain is just going to out you quicker to the general population.

You as a blogger is the primary asset for your brand, that being said if you have a collaborative blog, that blog in itself is a brand name and the authors are their own brand names. If you are insightful, engaging, humorous, or interesting you can gain an audience. The audience you wish to reach depends on yourself. The blog I’m going to use for example is my personal blog at This blog is the core of my internet persona (ironically not really the core of my journey to getting paid but my core nonetheless). Where ever I post across the blog-o-verse I cross post the article to my home blog. This allows ease of backup and exposure to the few people that take interest in me.

For those that don’t care about the fluff or personal lamenting I have the on topic blogs I work on ( this immediately separates readers from the two brands I wish to confer on to them, the brand of myself as a blogger compared to the brand of one of the blogs that I write. This allows for a more personal dynamic of engagement between yourself and your readers. You should always be personal – but I’ll never get asked if my cat is feeling better at

Honing into the fact that you are your own brand management (Scobel is king of self-brand management) you have to target your own peer group. This includes allowing other methods for readers and friends to contact you. This gives multiple levels of engagement where you still have some control over the boundaries. I went from google telling me “did you mean cirev?” when I did a search for creeva – to the fact now that I have over 6k hits on that name. Is that good? Well my friends can find me through all the various services I use – or the can engage me at my home blog with aggregates the data from far and wide.

Let’s take this story I’m writing right now. When this is published it will be published on and crossposted to (google crawls itself first hence the blogspot mirror) and You may think that is the end of i, but far from it. At I allow my friends to read me from whatever social network they use and wish to follow me on. Here is a run down to what happens when this story is crossposted and published over at crossposts to the following sites

My livejournal which in turn syncs with my dandelife account

My Vox

My MSN Spaces

My Old Blogspot Site

My Xanga Site

It also through RSS feeds goes to these sites:

Sends an alert to my twitter readers

Sends a notification as a blog entry into my myspace blog

Cross posts into my facebook profile

Archives as a line in my old tumblr account that I don’t know what I’m going to do with

Archives to my old suprglu account that I used to use as my lifestream.

Theoretically before anyone reads this article it will be published 13 places. This is also before the spammers get to it and repurpose it for their own means. My wife says she is going to blame me when the internet crashes. Behind the scenes there is even a bit more that goes on, but that really isn’t publicly accessible since it has nothing to do with branding.

Why do I do this?

Different people know me at different places, but my writing is all me and I wish to share that with all of them. I’m not as bad as some. I actually at one point crossposted every song I listen to, thankfully I’m more selective at what I crosspost at this time. It’s more relevant to what is going on and family and friends can have different levels of engagement with m.

I also use many activity specific type sites like flickr and digg which I don’t cross post to but have a level of engagement with other users there. But of course my profile links back to my main site. Whenever I crosspost I also include links back to where he article was originally published at. This allows readers to traceback and find the information at teh correct source. I use no subterfuge or magic mirrors to hide what I’m doing. It’s all plain as day.

Seeing this is my journey to get paid I’m sure your wondering how I can monetize all these sources?

In short – I can’t, but passing the message and advertising myself to those that show interest hopefully have them trace back to the original article. If not I have methods of importing comments from these diverse locations into So if you leave a comment on my facebook account or my flickr account it get pulled back into This allows full engagement with my readers and what they have to say.

So all I have to do to be popular is push myself out everywhere at once?

No, if your not interesting and don’t have any friends now, propagating your information will not help you get anymore. If your not clear on your intentions or your readers think your being shady it can back fire on you. It can get you on the dreaded spammer list in people’s minds. Yes I could theoretically start 2000 blogspot domains and crosspost to all of them, but I don’t. I just maintain the links I already have in the communities that I already exist. I’ll migrate the method in which I interact with a service by sourcing material from the one I primarily use, but I don’t abandon the community I left behind.

This of course in some ways hurts me from a monetary perspective – but my branding gets better and recognition improves. You will always have to write something people wish to read if you want to gain a steady and growing following instead of single SEO tricks to get people to click links without giving them any substance (that’s cheating). Work on your own writing and enhancing the communities around you, this is what gives you a following and brand loyalty.

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