Chasing Zack and Miri

I saw Zack and Miri Make a Porno Friday night, it wasn’t that good.  I won’t say that it’s bad, it’s just wasn’t what I was expecting.  I expect a normal Kevin Smith movie to have heart and an echo of reality through out it.  I liked Jersey Girl, and my favorite is Chasing Amy – both of these showed me a glimpse of who Kevin Smith is. Zack and Miri didn’t show me that.

Let’s look at the opposite side, I also love Seth Rogen movies for the same reason.  But the glimpse of truth that is shown his movies is different then the one that Smith provides.  I can identify with Freaks and Geeks as much as I can with Clerks.   Just it’s a different way that binds them both to me.

So what’s the problem?

This is one of those times that two worlds shouldn’t collide.  I think Smith haves actors he normally works with that follow a certain speech cadence and dialogue flow, Rogen can’t perform that.   I’m sorry Seth, it just isn’t your style.   Though in the final product it felt more like a Seth Rogen movie then a Kevin Smith movie.   The only thing that felt remotely Smithesque was the fight between Zack and Miri in the back right before Zack disappears.   This was the only time it felt like a Smith film.

He seemed to be chasing the dream of Chasing Amy in the film, but for that goal it fell flat on it’s face.  Part of my problem maybe  was looking forwrad to this movie too much and my personal didn’t live up to expectations.   Either way I’ll look eagerly towards his next movie.

I would have gotten this write up done sooner since I saw the movie on Friday night (premiere night), expect Saturday my writing wsa wrapped up in NANOWRIMO.

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