Do you feel guilty not using your Web Apps to their fullest extent?

I know we all reach fatigue when it comes to using certain web apps / sites / etc.  but at what point do you feel guilty?

When was the last mp3 song you submitted to

Hav you updated all your latest photos into Flickr?

Remembering to digg the stories you like?

Saving your bookmarks to and not locally?


Saving all the movies and books you’ve consumed to allconsuming?

and on..

and on..

Sometimes it’s a juggling game that is a huge pain in the ass.  Some application are doing it right, like setting your status messages across multiple social networks.  Because of this I can directly or indirectly thanks to services that interact with it I use twitter the most and the most regularly.

Though I do look at all the things I’m missing to virtually save by being preoccupied with something else.   I can’t make a determining factor whether it’s a good thing or bad, but with my time wasting normal self I can’t say it’s that good of a thing, if I had a real life it might be.

I’m working on my guilt, but sometimes I feel like the fat kid who got caught walking out of the Cheesecake Factory by his friends from Weight Watchers.

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