Do You Know How Your Significant Other Will Vote?

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I can say that so far as I know, my wife agrees with me in this election on my reasons for non-voting.  However no matter how we discuss the elections there is no real way to know what the other person is truly thinking.   In the 2004 election we debated and discussed the election to death and thought that we both knew who the other wanted in the election.

In that November we were watching the election results and talking about our candidate, but as the results came in one of us was happy the other upset.  What??????  How can this be?  We were watching OUR CANDIDATE.  The candidate we had BOTH been behind the previous months.   The election didn’t go the way at least one of us wanted.   Miscommunication?  Maybe.   Unless you have a lawn sign out though that your spouse put up and you agree with, don’t take it for granted, it’s all in the wordings and in between the lines.  Sometimes you miss the forest for the trees.

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