Drafts Almost All Cleared Out

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Well in preperation for my NANOWRIMO challenge of writing, I’ve mentioned that I didn’t want the blog to be neglected with no new posts showing up.   I still have some more writing ot get done before Nov. 1, but I managed to clean out most of my drafts now.   Granted a lot of these were quickie movie’s I own posts, but hey they are cleaned out and done.

FYI – the movies I own posts are two fold, the first being it helps me keep track of stuff I own so I can lend it to friends.  The second since I use Amazon.com links in it, it gives me the psuedo chance ot actually make money on this blog.  Not that I think you will, but if you are interested in buying any of the movies I post about click the Amazon links from teh referrals on my site.

Having gotten rid of 30 drafts today does make me a happy panda.

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