Finished Kingdom Hearts 2

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I know, I’m a little bit behind the times finishing Kingdom Hearts 2 today.   I finished the first one a few years ago, and while I’ve chomped at the bit to play this one, I held off.  I was under the impression that I was going t finish that horrendous GBA card game version (which I bought when it was originally released).   I however couldn’t stand the card game play, to those that enjoy that type of game, more power to you.

Kingdom Hearts 2 was as good as the original one, an engaging and interesting story.  My only issue is that the game is essentially a button masher.   Very little strategy or difficulty on normal, and I’m in the vein that a game shouldn’t be on hard just to have a challenge, so I don’t think I’ll go back any time soon and play it on difficult just to get an elusive challenge.  I didn’t “die” until the world, I my most used summons was chicken little and I only summoned him 4 times, I finished 84% of Jimminy’s Journal, my most used form was Valor which I used 24 times, and I healed my companions 21 times.   The game took me about 36-37 hours, I think this game will go down as one of the classics for me.  This game while a button a masher has some of hte best controls I’ve run across in a video game in a long time.  If you haven’t played I highly recommend it.

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