Finished Reading Busting Vegas by Ben Mezrich

Friday morning I was in Oberlin and stopped in the college bookstore for something quick to read.   I was searching for a copy of “Little Brother“,  but was denied in that search.  So after browsing and not finding anything too interesting I was headed out the door, but before doing so I checked out their clearance section.   I saw “Busting Vegas” (at the time I thought it was Mezrich’s previous novel “Bringing Down the House“) and purchased it for 5.99.   After learning about my misconception on what story was in the book, I shrugged and still read since I love stories about security in general and how people have bypassed them.  It’s in blood as a security engineer and I love the insights I get from other avenues.

The story in and of itself was entertaining, and unlike “Bringing Down the House” which was turned into a movie, this book is not about card counting.  It is about three techniques that show some major security flaws in the game of blackjack, or vegas itself if you choose that outlook on it.  I would go into more detail, but I recommend buying the book yourself (or if you interested I’ll sell you my copy for 5.99 (2.00 plus 3.99 shipping and signed if you are so interested)).  What this is going to get me to do is to research and findout what security measures that Vegas (and casinos in general) have put into place now that this information is in the public domain.

You can get this book form Amazon for 5.99 (same price I paid minus tax) here.