Geek Poetry: The Social Crosspost

The Social Crosspost



I’m am a social creature
Or that is how I seem
I’m active on all the networks
all in an elaborate scheme

You see my updates on myspace
Flickr photos and my tweets
I just updated my blog
It’s a tech article, not so sweet

I talk about my family
I blog about my dog
My cats eat cigarettes
Out back I chopped a log

It seems that I spend all my time
Posting everywhere
Really it’s all automated
RSS taking thing here and there

E-Mail sends to blogger
Twitter get’s a feed
Flickr is imported
Regurgitated as I need

Tumblr is updated
Pulls in it’s own stuff sends my status
All filler and no fluff

I’m not really all that social
I just type all day
I’m really anti-social
That’s my path, my way

I have all these friends on my list
Most I’ve never met
IRL they wouldn’t give me the time of day
Though they’ll comment on my pet

My wife is driven bonkers
About my tweets everywhere
Pownce updates her constantly
That I just brushed my hair

Dandelife categorizes me
Timelines my blog posts
It doesn’t know
Where I post the most

Livejournal, Xanga, Mutiply
They all get my writings
But when people visit my home blog
Then my stats are exciting

Why do I still do this
Is it attention that I crave
I crosspost and refeed my life
So the data I can save

Geekery and life
Don’t always co-exist
Hang I’ll finish in a minute
Right after I tweet about this piss.

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