I Admit it, I Liked Archie Comics Growing Up

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I know that I’m a boy and I should have liked high action comics with super heroes and big explosions.  Somehow until I was in my teenage years officially I liked Archie Comics the best.  I’m not going not say that I identified with Archie or anyone else in the comics, I just found them wildly entertaining.  I literally had hundreds of Archie comics (they were dirt cheap at the flea market compared to the action comics that cost 5 times as much).  I had a ton of the digests and “double digests”, though I can say when I see the occasional double digest these days at the super market aisle I am chagrined that it is the size of the old single digest.   What is the single digest a one sheet strip now?   I also can not tell you the last time I saw and actual Archie comic sold in a new comic books rack, though I don’t look that closely these days.

The age old debate that is probably older then Ginger versus Maryanne is Betty or Veronica.  I’m a Betty fan all the way (and Maryanne also).   The down home girl is the one for me in these scenarios.  In 1990 Archie was still still trying to decide between Betty and Veronica in a made for TV movie  Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again that takes place fifteen years after high school.  I can say even though I was fourteen when it came out I was excited and watched it when it came out.  I video taped it and watched it again and again.   This reminds me I need to hunt down a copy of that now.

Enjoy a couple clips from the TV movie:

My favorite character of course was Jughead – Nuff Said.

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