I Made It To Level 22 in WoW

Now in the grand scheme of life I know that reaching level 22 is nothing.  I reached it though, you can see my character here.  The reason this is a big deal however is I’ve had a World of Warcraft account since a couple months after launch.  The highest I’ve ever made it previously was level 20.

I can’t say that I’m going to stick with it.  I can’t say that I’m not going to be morally bored with it eventually.  I’m still playing though.   I prefer sandbox MMO’s ala SWG, but I’m sick of the managerial decisions behind that game so much I can’t go back.


Let’s see if I actually make level 30.

3 thoughts on “I Made It To Level 22 in WoW”

  1. From Twitter:

    evilpacket: @creeva careful, at level 30 blizzard requires you to provide your unborn child as payment to play until 60.

    creeva: @evilpacket if this historically works out like it normally does I won't make it to 30

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