My First Kiss (Kind of)

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This article is in two parts – the de facto first kiss and the first relationship first kiss.  Ideologically they are quite different so I thought it would be best to separate them out.

De Facto First Kiss

Not the first girl I kissed

When I was in kindergarten I didn’t know how to deal with girls.  I thought you were supposed to kiss girls (I was 5).  So I had a girl I liked named Laura.  I used to chase her around the room and give her kisses on the cheek or on the lips.  I would have been a regular Casanova, but she didn’t like it.   She got teased about it.  I got teased about it.  Eventually I guess it got to me because I stopped.   That however was my de facto first kiss.

Real First Kiss

I was so not the pimp

I was a sophmore in high school, how I managed to get a girlfriend I still have no idea.  Yet I did manage to.  In the fall (somehwere in October-November) of 1991 I had my first kiss.   It was at my girlfriend‘s best friends house up the street from my parent’s house.  I can say I don’t honestly know if we were actually dating yet though.   We were sitting on the hood of her blue 1991 Mercury Topaz.   It was odd, uncomfortable, strange.   Of course I assume it’s almost always that way for a first kiss or just a first…….

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