My Parents and the Sex Talk

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The sex talk, it’s something teenagers dread and so do parents.   I think I was a pre-teen the first time my parents tried to broach the subject.    I had already been aware from enough TV shows were a parent attempted to have a sex talk with their child that it was not a good thing.   I avoided it like the plague, just not wanting to deal with it.

The first time my parents were watching the show Dallas and we’re all aware how much sex is shown non explicitly on prime time soap operas.    My parents were discussing and wondering if I understood what was happening and if it would effect me.   Now I’m not going to say I understood completely, but I knew enough to understand where this conversation was headed and I didn’t want any of it.   I replied that they were just going to bed and getting ready to fall asleep.   That was the first time I avoided this conversation.

It was a tight end-run in sixth grade when I scored the highest in class on a sex education test.   Actually it was more a genetics test, but I got both the extra credit question correct, plus 100% on the test – this brought my score to 106%, the highest out of the whole 100 students in the sixth grade.

Over the following years I mastered avoidance of the subject, until the week before I was going to leave for college.   My mother sat me down and started to explain sex to me, at this point in time why bother.  I realized for some reason my avoidance tactics were not going to work this time.   I told my mother point blank, “I don’t want to talk about this, I lost my virginity three years ago and I don’t think there is anything you can tell me.”   That shut her up, she mulled around and I went back to my day of packing.

Now I have ot start planning down the road how I’m going to talk to my kid about sex and when.   I understand the avoidance tactics so they won’t be able to pull that one.   Of course if it was only my decision I would let them learn the same way I did, school gossip, school education, and practicing it themselves.   Sadly I’ve already been told it isn’t going to work out that way.

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