Pieces of Me That Exist in the Cloud

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Mobile computing is becoming my newest fascination.  My previous fascinations included network based storage, network redundancy, and network security.   I enjoy making things do things that they were meant or designed to.   This is part of the sould that drives my curiousity to the edge of insanity and teeters over the maw of the great beyond.   I think eventually I will completely loose it and tumble into that gaping mouth that will swallow my soul and my body whole.

Mobile computing isn’t what it was even 3 years ago, mobile computing by traditional defintion means being able to computer while having the ability to travel.   Mobile computing devices were originally laptops, then PDA’s were taking over, now cell phones and custom Internet devices like my N810.   The question you need to ask is this still what mobile computing is, or is it being morphed into the new Internet buzz phrase “Cloud Computing”?

While I’ve been doing my crossposting series I’ve been thinking about what it truly means to be mobile and to work in the Internet cloud.   Ironically there is more to my online activities then my blog and how far reaching I can make the posts go.   I have pieces of me that exists in the cloud.  Part of this is my blog postings, sometimes this gives you an intimate side of me.   There is more that make up who I am and my goal is to see how I can migrate that online so I can access it any time and anywhere I have a net connection and an interface to the online world.

I have the basic or myself, my memories in the blog posts.  As I go on and digg further in my past more of these will survive through that.   What about everythign I create?  What about my pictures, my videos, my friends, my documents; will these things always be able to exist in the cloud?  While there are methods to storing these data types online, what about when a service goes belly up?  If a company goes out of business and you are relying on them with your data, where do you turn?  Even the great and powerful Google isn’t immune to canceling a service and dropping your data.   How do you stop that?  How do you save your data?  Is there even a reason for home storage anymore?

I can say just typing that out that there will always be a reason for home storage.   There will be private documents that you never want to show online.  Private thoughts that will always remain yours alone.   Until extrememely heavy encryption is ubuiquitous and tied soley to you, there is no reason to trust this data online.  If you don’t want ANYONE ELSE to ever see it, keep it away from the Internet.

I’m going to start a new blog series that investigates working in the cloud.  I know that this has been done before, but I think it will work nicely with my crossposting god series.  Why?  Because I’m going to focus on data redundancy and survivability in the modern Internet age.   I’m going to touch upon security and point out the insecurity that exists that most of us seem to ignore.

There are pieces of me scattered in teh clouds, I want some semblance and organization before I run into the hurricane.

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