Statcounter Lamention

I think I finally got to the point that statcounter is completely useless for me.   Now I’m rolling thruogh the max log size of page views faster then I can actually read them.  If I don’t read them they are lost forever.  I’m too much of a cheapskate to actually pay for their service (maybe if I actually made money at this I would consider it.

Checking stats mutiple times a day to actually get the data you want to read isn’t very efficient.   I will say compared to google analytics or‘s stat plugin that statcounter’s only really shining feature was the recent page load activity.   If either of the other services I used actually used that it would be alot easier to dump.   Regardless I think I’m leaving Statcounter by the end of the month.

I’ll miss you Statcounter, you just can’t grow with me.

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