Talking To My Sister

My youngest sister hasn’t seen me in about 18 months. She just happened to be doing some work for my eldest sister today. So I got a chance to talk to her.

One thing we both have in common beyond family ties is that she discovered this year that she has a love for playing music. She’s in her first year of saxophone, while I’m in my seventeenth year of playing trumpet (and I didn’t start until I was 15. Hopefully she stays with it longer then my other siblings. Besides myself my family has seen a drummer, a trumpet player, a clarinet player, a violin player, and now a saxophone player. The rest of them didn’t make it out of junior high playing their respective instruments.

She is doing well in sports and thinks she has a shot at making the seventh grade basketball team next year. Something she has in similar to my other siblings and not myself.

In a way I wish we could have talked longer, but she was working, so I thought it best to let her work. I made sure I left her my email and phone number so she could stay in contact. I also gave her Xie’s e-mail address and let her know we are always there to talk.

I would definetly spend more time with her if I didn’t have to see my mother.

P.S. This is my first fulland normal blog post from my N810 so please excuse the typos.

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