Twitter Updates for 2008-08-14

  • Trying to figure out how to convert a quatro pro file to xls – grrrrrr – who uses quartro pro #
  • found out quatro pro is part of corel;s wordperfect suite – who knew? Last time w9 was awesome was 1994 – Wordperfect 5.1 for windows 3.1 #
  • 358 meg for a demo version of wordperfect – really if your not going to use MS – just go open office don’t get a different paid office suite #
  • wordperfect finished installing – *sigh* – here we go #
  • ok – it seems just installing quatro pro didn’t work – now I’m try ing a full install #
  • finally converted it to xls and uploaded to google docs #
  • @Cobracommander – oh I heard Ode to Lady Jane’s Brain was pretty good #
  • @shanepardue Tiny Tim rocks #
  • Boredom #
  • @startupmeme shouldn’t it be google reader’s social get’s selective? #
  • Going through my web site stats it seems I’ve gotten quite a few hits on my article about why I’m not voting for a president #
  • I’m selectively clearing out some people I follow on twitter – either I don’t find their stuff useful or they are just marketers #
  • Google Calendar Rant – It Needs More Features: ….. Read MoreNo tags for this post.
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  • @alexalbrecht Happy Birthday #
  • @sheagunther duh #

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