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I’m out of writing ideas.   Well that’s not completely true, I have lots of writing ideas.  My problem is that I just don’t know how to write them yet.   When I sit down and start to write them they are not coherent, too short, and don’t make sense.   More or less these ideas still need to fester away in my brain some more before I can spew them out in some sort of legible thought.   My dilemna is that I want to regulary update my blog, and I want to write.   Maintaining a writing regiment keeps the mind sharp, keeps your readership up, and gives you practice in writing – which does make you a better writer then actually thinking about it.

To this end I plan to start writing movie, book, and video game reviews.   Originally I was going to use spoilershorts.com for that – but the original concept had reviews in a very short form.  I may repurpose it and post the reviews from creeva.com over there also, but for now I look at the writing and not positioning.   I’ve always wanted to do reviews, but never really got around to it.   With the exception of movies that are new and in the theaters – I’m going to hold off on movies I see at random and focus (for now) on what I actually own.   Sometimes I’ll even be offering my own copies for sale (I really need to clean out and trim down some of my collections).

I’m not going to turn my blog into a review blog, I’m still going to write my random unfocused style – the reviews will just allow me to write ahead and make sure that you have something new and interesting to read every single day.   It will also allow me to copy and paste and get some of the reviews done that I’ve wanted to do for All Consuming and Amazon.

Write once – use everywhere – the crossposters motto.

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