Throwing Money Away on Blog Posts – Going Against SEO Pro Advice

January 7, 2009

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Every once in a while I get comments from SEO professionals that try to advise me on how to re-arrange ad placement.   They tell me I should put ads in the middle of the posts instead of at the end like I do.   Their theory is this would cause more people to actually click these ads.  There maybe some truth in that logic, I find the breaking up the text annoying that way.   I have it set up to work in a certain flow, this is my personal preference.

I could be writing sell out articles where I’m paid to review a product, but you don’t get paid by others if you are known for negative reviews.  So I don’t bother trying to get involved in that.   The biggest money loss I’m sure from an SEO stand point is that I cross post to other sites that do not show my advertising, and in some cases no advertising at all.   A free pass to read my articles without any pressure.   Hundreds of people I know on facebook and myspace read my articles for “free”.

So for those SEO’s that hate me and think about the money I waste – please don’t e-mail me to try to optimize my revenue.  I’ll handle it, or I’ll come to you when I decide otherwise.   This year I should make a profit even though I’m throwing money away.

8 thoughts on “Throwing Money Away on Blog Posts – Going Against SEO Pro Advice

  1. Amen! I have yet to get my own blog (not blogger or other free sites), but advertising is going to be how I (HUMOUNGUOUS CAPITAL EYE) want it to be, not directed by someone who wants it in people's faces all the time. Clearly things like Adsense don't give two shites about what makes for good ad placement, so when I do get my own blog, I will decide what and WHERE I want to put it, and like you, I will NOT throw it right betwixt the words I am writing. Rock on! :)

  2. I still have some tweaking to do, but my goal has always been to have a layout and function that I would enjoy reading and interacting with. Anything else just seems icky.

  3. That's good decision and I wish you luck. Anyway, optimizing revenue through placement ads for me is not good enough. What do the *advisor* think if our site have less visitor? Will good placement ads give us more money? I don't think so. lol

  4. Creeva,

    Not all SEO professionals

    I think you are doing the right although the some SEO pros will tell you to place would in theory get more clicks. They way you placed it end would tend to get a better more qualified click becuase they already read the post on the subject and are somewhat pre sold on the idea.

  5. Interestingly enough, most SEOs have no business telling you how to monetize your site. The traditional definition of SEO involves the acquisition of organic search engine traffic, not the monetization of said traffic.

    With that being said, there are companies that are well versed in traffic monetization, however, I think you made the right choice. I enjoy your site and will begin to comment regularly, Thanks.

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