Overprotective On How I Set Up WordPress

January 26, 2009

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This is more a short confession then anything else.   I’m a creature set in my ways.  I can work inside the rules set before me, and I’m also capable of bending the rules of what is possible.    That being said I have had a hard time setting up and working with Xie on her blog.   It’s been an on going project for over a year now.

Sometimes things need tweaked outside of my ability.  Sometimes she wants things that are not possible, or there isn’t a plugin written for yet.   It’s frustrating for both of us.   We both have an ideal we are shooting for when setting this up.  I configure it for what I’ve learned is best overall use.   She wants to configure it for what works for her.  Neither of us however are very good at explaining our side it seems.

She is going through a complete overhaul of her blog, hopefully she will start actively using it.   I’ll help out where I can, but I think this time around I’m going to be taking a very hands off approach to the problem.  I’ll be willing to work on specific issues and feature sets, I’m just not going to do an overall architecture for her.  I think it’s better for our relationship that way.

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