People That Don’t Call Back

January 29, 2009

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You ever had one of those incidents where you don’t really want to call someone?  It can be the person, the time you have available, the circumstance, or the resolution – whatever you don’t really want to call.  I had this the other day.   So I receive this message via Myspace from a friend that another person I know wants me to call them.  In the quick message it left a phone number and something about getting computers or doing some consulting work.   I thought as long as it fit within my schedule I was game.

The person I was supposed to call was someone that I’ve said less then a dozen words to over the last seven years.   This person also used to live with my wife and myself, and the communication stopped when I asked him to leave.   From his point of view I was in the wrong and should apologize, I on the other hand just wish him a good life.   That information is only to give you background on the situation, someday I’ll write up that whole story and he can show up and refute any claims on it he may like.   He was always my little brother in a way you think brothers should be, my actual little brother and I didn’t nearly get along so nicely.   So happy life to him, I hope he does well.

So this is why the Myspace message was so odd.   First it’s out of the blue, and second the guy didn’t contact me directly.  Let’s be honest for a minute, it’s not like I am very hard to find on the intrawebs.  Heck the girlfriend he lives with has me on her Myspace friend’s list.    I’m still puzzled by the intermediary maneuver.    I know I have certain skills and knowledge based out of his friends that he talks to, but I don’t think I’m entirely unique unless it’s something specific or security related.    That’s another thing that I find strange in this whole process.

Since it was a chance to make a few extra dollars I made the call.   I received his voicemail.  I left a message and my call back number, giving him my Grandcentral number to call me back on.   So far it’s been two days and no return call, and he didn’t just call and hang up since Grandcentral would have logged that.   I guess I’m more curious on why me then anything.   The ball is in his court though.   I left a message, so he has my info.   I guess tomorrow I’ll give the intermediary the message that it didn’t seem that important.

Mundane story?  Yes it is.  It just popped into my head so I thought I would write it out.

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  1. There is a guy who lives literally 30 yards from my back door across the yard , I spent time with him discussing projects and in fact had quite a few beers at several partys with him.  On wanting to get in touch with him about further moves , it was just answring machine , I left him a message , a skype message , and an email and also SMS on his mobile. 3 years and 3 months later i get asked for a face book friends request . WIERD PEOPLE I SAY

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