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January 30, 2009

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One thing that always annoyed me about my photo gallery is that to leave a comment you had to login to flickr.   This is all fine and good, but I wanted a bit more of control over those comments instead of sending you to another site.   I finally found that I could “hack” the plugin I was using to use Disqus, the same commenting engine I’m using on the rest of the site.

Does this mean you will actually leave any comments?   I don’t think that will change too much, but the overhead and change was so small I had to do it.   So if there was any pictures in the album that you wanted to comment on, now is your chance.   Something small, but a new feature to end the week on.

3 thoughts on “New Feature – Comment On Photos In The Photo Album

  1. yup its really irritating when you want to comment on any thing and then link send you to the other site…. but wanna say something about this photo .. i think she is finding something really dont know what …but i m sure she is finding something :)

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