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February 7, 2009

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I consume a ton of information a day.  Some people think that they receive and process mass amounts of information, and some like Scoble definetley out pace by any measure of the word.  Other people just seem to flip out if they have more then five emails that arenot spam.    We are going to just look at the last 30 days.

Since I do most of web floundering in Google Reader – let’s look at the trends:

From your 76 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 14,054 items, starred 177 items, shared 41 items, and emailed 39 items.

That is 14,054 articles that I skimmed in the last 30 days,   The starred items are things that I want to get back and read later.   So if we take the averages:

Each day I read (or at least skim)  469 articles

Each day I star 6 articles (which is a misnomer since an hour later I unstar them, so it only counts currently starred items I think)

Each day I share 1-2 articles

Each day I email 1-2 articles

That is literally just what I get from RSS – let’s be fair and say I go to 50-100 websites a day reading an untold number of articles.   I have no true way of tracking that since I do not capture that data at all.

E-Mail -2479 – so I’m receiving an average of 83 e-mails a day that is not marked as spam – otherwise the totals would be much much higher.

In the end is this entertaining or useful to you?  Probably not, but it should give you a bit more insight on me.

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  1. You'll have to take a new pic whilst reading your current intake…..for comparison sake :)

    Disqus <> wrote: creeva wrote, in response to Miragi:

    Maybe, though that picture is about 5-7 years old

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  2. Well I'm full of family information – I don't do too much about marriage or sex, there are some other things I do hold off on, not because I think they are too personal – but to keep out weird google searches that could take things out of context when searching for me.

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