Watched Knocked Up

February 7, 2009

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Knocked up is real, fake, immature, and mature all at the same time.  Granted this story may have been more appropriate a couple years ago when I first saw the movie in the theater.  However I guess things are different now, our child is due in a week so that may give me a different perspective.   I can say that I see parallels in what we have gone through and what I saw in the movie.   Part of it has freaked Xie out, she asked if I was bothered – I’m not.   Part of her thinks that I’m not, ready or I don’t think it is real.   I do.  I am like Seth Rogen’s character in the movie and believe that this has been gone on for thousands of years and I think we mostly have it down by now.   Being the oldest of eight, I’m used to have kids and babies around – and the fact that they are around and need care do not scare me.

So here is to the coming weeks when the baby actually arrives…

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