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February 11, 2009

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Today I installed Feedly, which I read about in some blog story which I don’t have a link to.   The biggest selling point (well it’s free) is that it integrates with Twitter and Friendfeed.   Let’s go over what it is, before I get ahead of myself.   Feedly is (more or less) a front page for Google Reader.  Feedly is a Firefox plugin thatt brings more style to your RSS feed reading. It also (new feature) with a single click allows you to share a story on Twitter and Friendfeed.   Other then my own blog articles I’ve never shared many stories on twitter, mostly because I didn’t like any of the interfaces to do so easily.   Today I shared a few stories already, some because I thought they were interesting, others because I was testing.

Now I’m under the assumption that I will be Tweeting more stories that are interesting – so maybe I’ll gain some more followers (if your interested give me a follow), of course the reverse is also true – If I tweet a day in the life of the muskrat I may loose some followers.   So be it, while I enjoy more followers, I’m not in this for the popularity game really.   Exposure to material is why I interact.

Here is a screencast I found on Feedly’s features:

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