Getting Added to Google’s Lexicon as a Valid Word

February 12, 2009

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What a long strange trip it’s been.   Back before I started a blog, I was just a person on the swg forum with the name Creeva in his signature.  I did a random Google search and I had less then 100 entries, about 3 years ago I was still stuck at 419 entries.   These days my number fluctuates for 20k-60K entries in Google depending on the day.   I’m still proud of having the number one entry in Google for “the greatest accomplishment of mankind” and not so happy about being number one for “afk entertainer” (UPDATE ON THE SECOND ONE – I’ve been bumped to number 2 – yay me).   One thing  always bothered me when I started this trip of seeding Google, the fact that originally when I searched for “Creeva” that Google sent me back the suggestion “Did you mean Creeval?” – this continued on when I had more hits for Creeva in the database then existed for Creeval.

Every few months I did a variation search on Creeva and normally I would either get no suggestion for some spellings, or I would get something spelled different.   Today however when I did a search for “Creeeva” it came back with the suggestion “did you mean Creeva?”.  Finally I’ve broken through the glass ceiling of valid search terms and “Creeva” will start being a valid suggestion.

I really don’t care if this changes tomorrow and it goes back to some other suggestion, today I have my moment in the sun.

See the full size picture of Google’s suggestion here.

Granted as a side note, my real name has only 4900 hits for it, and when I search on it, it suggest a different spelling of the last name (different person).     The suggestion also has 1500 less hits for his name then I have for mine, but that’s a battle for another day.

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