Not Even Born Yet And My Kid Has An E-Mail Address And Twitter

February 13, 2009

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In anticipation of the birth that should be happening within the next week or so.  I’ve signed my child up with his first Gmail account and his first Twitter account.  Now I can harass him like I do his mother about all the interesting stories I find online, I wonder how much e-mail he’ll have to catch up with by the time he can read?  He already has his own domain name, which will launch a blog shortly after he is born.  We bought that domain shortly after we found out Xie was pregnant.

Before you think about asking though, no you can’t follow him one twitter.   Let me expound upon that, until it’s decided otherwise only people that Xie and I know in real life, close friends of the family, or family itself will be able to follow him.  His e-mail will be monitored until he proves himself trustworthy to self monitor.

I would have set him up with a Facebook account, but since their terms of use state you have to be thirteen, I don’t feel like already making him a rule breaker.   The birth will not be streamed live, but I will work to get video and pictures of him after he is born up as soon as possible.  Finally, No – I’m not setting him up with a Myspace account – and he has to prove he’ll use it before he get’s his own Flickr Pro account.

Watch my twitter feed for the latest breaking news when he is born – since it will be there first.

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